Paul Myers Home-based Business Email

This is a story that has something old, something new and certainly something practical. I titled this Paul Myers, not to pick on him--don't know him (would not work with him though-read on to learn why)--but because it was through one of his ads that I got the subject matter for this post.

I needed to hire someone so I was looking on Craig's List and in my search (and getting distracted) I came across this ad:

Start Working Today! Full/Part avail.
Make extra $5,000 monthly...
Limited Time Offer
Visit us at

This led me to a Paul Myers site which led to Online Business Systems (which is tied into herbalife)

Now if you do some research you will find loads of information from people who have been taken in by this...?hmmm?...scam? (maybe too harsh)...deceptive? (that fits) this questionable business. On the radio now its advertised under an income-at-home offer.

Herbal life is a legit company, OBS has a very checkered past. The problem is not with the root business (herbalife though some have issues with it) but rather with the deceptive advertising and business practices. A prospect has to pay $9.95 to learn what the business is ABOUT, another 39.95 to learn what the business is and to see if you are really serious! After that ante it will cost you several hundred dollars and up to get started. This escalating money drain is never disclosed up front. You get pinched one step at a time.

Here is the email I got...with my notes in []


Hi Joe,

Way to go! [yea me I'm excited already...sorry campy copy is hard to resist] You've taken an important step towards what could be a very prosperous future. We welcome your visit to Pro Business System and applaud your integrity [??my integrity???--that makes no sense!]for seeking out --- and finding --- the best!

Click Here To Visit Us Again Anytime

As you know by now, our online presentation gives you a solid look [NOT EVEN's testimonials and hype and no detail about the company, the products, the cost, or the work involved] into how the wealthy position themselves to make significant i-n-c-o-m-e in any economic situation.

Our Decision Pack takes this one GIANT [...and it's all yours for another $39.95]step forward.

With our Decision Pack, you will learn more about...

* powerful products your business can provide which are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of more than 70 million customers worldwide,
* our team of highly successful entrepreneurs and live coaches,
* and most important, learn about the phenomenal support you can expect with us.

Joe, your Decision Pack will bring you answers you won't find anywhere else [yeah I bet! read the forums and learn this is bunk]. You will quickly see [how much more money you may have to spend]how you can gain access to a solid proven system that works --- and learn how fast you can turn your current financial picture around.[As you would expect, the disclaimer says don't count on this!]

Whether you're just looking to add an extra check to your month, or you are looking to replace your current in-come, we believe our system is a solid solution which anyone --- regardless of skills or background --- can effectively put to use to build a brighter future.

You won't ever have to guess what to do or where to turn next...[the online feedback does not support this entirely either!]with us you surround yourself with the tools and the knowledge to make good money online plus you will have our entire team of experienced highly successful people holding your hand every step of the way.[maybe??? but the feedback does not support this entirely...danger watch out!]

Take it to the next level, Joe. Login now to get the Decision Pack that is changing lives on a global scale.

You'll thank us for it!

Here is the take-away.
1. Do your homework before ordering anything!
2. Use a throw away email to get information
3.If you find someone promoting a scam or at best a questionable business have nothing more to do with that person. I find that people that are willing to promote a business with a documented checked past are all about the money and NOT about helping you. So if I got another product offering form Paul Myers I would pass on it. If your local grocer carried a kown bad product-banned by the FDA-- wouldn't you expect them to drop that product? Sure you would! I receommend that you have the same standard when working with marketers online.
4.Simple rule of thumb...any program that tells you that it takes no work is pobably not telling you the whole truth. You can learn that for the one time payment of $39.95.

I hope this helps and good luck with yoru business.