Zero Friction Marketing

I got a message to check out a "new' marketing program. I was sent to a Hub page to read a review. This one had the catchy name "Zero Friction marketing". OK, I'm always open to learning something new but it has to be legit and not another warmed over "buy my program" pitch. Well the review had the #1 tell tale sign of being just a marketing ploy and of no real value: A review that pitches the program but provides very little actionable detail.

9 times out of 10 if you come across a review that sounds like a marketing pitch and does not give you solid details about the program save yourself some time and money and move on.

A good review will have 3 elements:
1. A good summary of what the program offers.
2. Details about the program. The basic, who, what ,when etc.
3. Summary of the writers experience using the program.