Weight Loss, 31 day weight loss, fast weight loss etc

This past week I had a friend of mine ask me about a 30 or 31 day weight loss program. As with many of these programs you can find a mixed bag of reviews.

I hope the following will help you make an informed decision:

1. Know up front that there are no short cuts. Its a simple formula-calories in vs. calories used.
2. Every exercise offering I have seen offers exercises I can find online for free. So if you like to do the research you can save the money. On the other hand, if you'd like all that work done for you then buy the book or program.
3. Check to see if the program has an affiliate program associated with it. If it does you can be sure you're paying an inflated price. The owner/publisher/creator of the program has to inflate the price so they can make enough for themselves and have extra to pay commissions. You can certainly do better elsewhere.
4. Just because someone was an athlete, special forces soldier, trainer etc does not make them fully qualified to help you. Do your homework and also do your own self evaluation-are you the kind of person that can order a course or read a book and carry out what you learn? If not find another way or join a group activity to help keep you on track.
5. Be wary of up sells. That is when you buy something for $39.95 and then you get follow up offers after follow up offers selling you more stuff at $59 or $79 and up. Usually in those cases all you're doing is buying rehashed material you could probably get elsewhere. Stay away!
6. It never hurts to get advise on a program you're buying and certainly check it out online.

I hope this helps.