Trust me, I'm a guru! (really?)

Well over the last few days my mailbox has been refilled with must have training programs. Courses offering to teach me about getting Facebook traffic to making MILLIONS in affiliate programs.

It amazes me the bull that many of these people put out."Buy MY course and I will make you millions". Folks, no course is going to do that for you. If you want to start your own business do the homework, get good advise and plan carefully. (yeah that is definitely nutshell input but its a start). I have yet to order a course that had must have information. So much can be obtained for free by joining a local internet marketing group. So please folks don't get pulled into these, "new secret", "must have", "wow, I can't believe I'm telling you this" programs.

Having said that I often get asked, "Are there any courses I would buy?" The answer is, yes. Here are some considerations:
1. Do you know (personally) more than one person who has studied, implemented and profited from the course?
2. Do you have an HONEST review period? So many offer refunds and just jerk you around. [see my earlier post about how to protect yourself from these guys hitting your cc after you rejected the course.]
3. If you're new to starting a new business, studying a course will not make you successful. Will the program give you on-going dialogue and training? You will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of success if you have a mentor or support group.

I hope this helps.