The longer the pitch the bigger the rip off

Tis' the season for HUGE claims, outrageous promises and big let downs.

I just finished clicking through a pitch with a tag line about what ONE food I should not eat. Well 10 minutes into the presentation I had not been told what the tag line promises and the pitch was nothing but empty useless hype and market barking.

He is STILL talking and the only thing it has done for me is inspire me to post this warning to my readers. When someone gives you an interesting topic and it turns out to be a long winded off...ALL YOU'RE going to do is get hit up for your email address (junk offers to follow) or asked to buy some useless ebook or "secret" program (I have not found a secret yet that was not available for free after some diligent research)

WOW, the presentation is still going and I still have not been given the information I was looking for. I did get "5 forbidden commandments" that were nothing more than puffery. He has finally sprung it on me...its the what a let down. What is interesting there was a guy on PBS pushing out the same info.

Ok...I'm done and I am not biting on this diet scheme.(sorry too easy a pun to skip)

Hope this helps.