Organic Baloney

Just a short note..really geared to those of us starting to pay attention to what is in the food we eat. I bought some Cascadian Farm cereal. I've not used this product before but its "organic" , all natural etc. AND of course if its in the natural food section SO it has to be better for you-right?  ah no!

Well if you take a look at the ingredients it makes you wonder. You can read plenty of research on the misuse of the words like: organic and all natural etc. What surprised me is it has the same preservatives as any Kellogg or General Mills cereal (in this case maltodextrin) and MORE sugar than some of the cereals in the cereal isle. I guess its 'special' because they can call themselves "organic" according to the USDA? Maybe not such big deal based on the USDA reputation for cronyism with big food companies. Hmmmm?

I have seen documentaries that slam the manufacturers and grocery stores but I think the responsibility is up to each of us. (not sure about the whose side the USDA is on...that is another day's reading) People want convenience and the product on the shelf when we want I can see the needed for additives. Since I don't want the preservatives and sugar I will choose different foods.

But I will close on one last note. The marketing some of these food manufacturers use is at best misleading at worst deceptive. So word to the wise: read the label. I know I will be more careful.