Looking for a job

I have started a project on putting together the best information to help folks find a job or additional income. With regard to the additional income part that is half scam busting and half identifying good value.

After being away for awhile it was amazing how full my inbox was with the latest "have-to-have" junk offers. It was $7 for this magic solution,or $37 for this amazing tool that will make me million-MILLIONS I SAY!!- in just 15 minutes. Boy these type of hyped up, hollow, no-good rip-off offers really bother me. These marketers think nothing of it to take money away from folks that are probably working very hard for each dollar they make. They know what they are selling is crummy but they do it anyway. Shameful!

Well the job site/community will have information like this (Scam and rip-off info)to hopefully keep people out of trouble. The other side of the site is giving leads, training and other tips. I would love to hear from folks (email is above in the header) who can recommend sites that do job training well and those that do not.

Thank you for your help.