Rapid Profit Method

Though I have asked to be removed from Mike Cheney's mailing list I guess he did not get the memo...I still get snake oil pitches. Every week I get another must own secret to success. The latest says, "Secret Method Automatically [my emphasis added] Generates Anywhere from $10K to HIGH SIX FIGURES in a Matter of Hours...Over and Over Again, Like Clockwork! (if you stay awake through the video you will see the pitch changes slightly and now it says he makes this kind of money) Thank goodness the FTC now makes these marketers come clean and in the presentation he disclaims that you may not make a dime at this.

Here is the first problem with programs like this...you do not know all a marketer does or does not do with a "program" so you can't evaluate if you would do well or how you could duplicate the results they promote.

To save you some time (the subsequent video went on for more than 20 minutes) you should know that no "method" is shared, described or detailed in anyway. There are some good links to help you learn more about this program but I found the following post most helpful:

This is the basic idea of RPM.

1. You choose a market where you have an interest and you
know people are already spending money.

2. Then you identify a few of the experts in that market and hold a tele-training or webinar with those experts.

3. During the tele-training/webinar the expert shares helpful information.

4. As soon as you’ve held 4 or more of the tele-trainings/webinars the recordings are combined to create your very own product.

Reading other reviews you will see it gets a mixed bag of pros and cons. On whole it seems the cons out number the pros. No where in the presentation does it even allude to the fact that you need to find "experts" and convince them to help you. That is a major problem, in my opinion.

The one take away here is that the sales page video hit all the typical sales points- easy, little time needed, make a lot of money, pictures of statements trying to prove success and a sense of urgency.-and in the end never did tell you anything about the method. So the consumer has to take the chance of buying a product site unseen. As with just about all these EZ-learn-internet-marketing courses there are always critical tasks that need to get done in order to work. Tasks usually not disclosed upfront. It's the same situation here--you the consumer does not get a good idea of what will be required of you until after you have given them your credit card number. This is not a good situation for you to be in.

So before getting sucked into the useless sales pitch take the time to look around and do some due diligence. It will save you a ton of cash!