Internet Briefcase

The radio ads are everywhere for Internet Briefcase--a work from home opportunity. What you need to know up front is that this is tied into Carbon Copy Pro (CCP) and Wealth Builders International (WBI).

Armed with that information you should be able to determine if this is right for you. It appears that this is a new way to inject new life into an MLM program that has been around a long, long time.

In my earlier review I mentioned I do not like the idea of buying a kit so you can learn what's in the program. That is nuts! It is strongly recommended that anyone looking into Internet Briefcase do some careful due diligence.

On the website it has alot of the same pitch from CCP...make 100 millionaires etc. This is one of the longest squeeze pages I have seen and when you finally get to the bottom you still do not know what is required of you or what you're getting in to. ON to page 2! (Oh boy I can hardly wait...what exciting news is next!) the sales pitch continues and now it more about if you have what it takes.

Here you are told that buying this starter kit is a key part of the opportunity and only if you have__ [fill in the blank with just about any admirable business, integrity etc]__are they interested in you. So once they have called you out, challenged you, one might say, to see if you think you can cut it, are you given the privilege of coughing up $49 (less if on sale) to get a kit that tells you a little more about the program. In my opinion this is always a walk a way signal. There is so much you don't know after reading these pages about the business, that spending money to see if you can be like one of the featured folks on the page makes no sense to me.

The website justifies asking for money to learn about the program, saying:

•We want to stop people from wasting their time and money by getting started in an opportunity that is not right for them. That would only create friction, and we’d rather you look forward to your home based business.

•The Test Drive Kit allows candidates to make an educated decision without risking hundreds or even thousands of dollars to find whether or not this is right for them.

In most other businesses when a seller wants a buyer to make an informed decision, they provide all the needed information up front. There is nothing in CCP or WBI that can't be explained on a web page or downloadable PDF. It could be explained in less copy than you find on the Internet Briefcase landing page. Would you go shopping at a store inwhich when you ask a store manager for help.... he tells you to buy the information first. Ridiculous.

Last note, as you research WBI and CCP you will learn that after spending $49 from that point on there are hooks to get more money from you...and if you can get others to come in behind you you might make money. I do not recommend Internet Briefcase or CCP.

Good luck and I hope this helps your research.