What you see is what you get! Often it's Nothing!

Good morning! This week I came across an offer to buy a program that had helped an ex-gas pump dude (the "pro" selling this course, based on the photograph 20-25 years old) make an amazing, stupendous, crazy successful 15 gazillion dollars in JUST ONE WEEK!! Wow, how could I NOT buy this great course right away?

Mmm, Not. What I did do is send them this email:
"I enjoyed reading your sales page but it does not tell me what I would be buying? You will understand there are millions of these kind of pages so it would help me if you could provide some additional detail so I can evaluate if this is a program I can work with.

Thank you for your time"

What I got back was:
" is an affiliate marketing course. But we don't expect you to do everything yourself, that's why we have 1 on 1coaching program, where one of our experts will work with you to make sure you do make money.

Please let us know if you have any questions."

Of course I have questions...well really just one: Tell me what I would be buying?

These programs should be avoided. They ask us, the consumer, to give them money, based on hype, without first knowing exactly what we're buying. Ridiculous!

Needless to say this correspondence did not go anywhere. It offers two success lessons.

1. If you do not know exactly what you're buying do not give them your money. Even with a money back guarantee....often that is a scam as well.
2. A good program is upfront and honest. They let you see what they are offering. Sometimes they will even let you have a trial period.

Internet marketing success is not about gimmicks. Like weight loss products, there are plenty of magic bullet programs that are based on some truth but do absolutely nothing for you long term. Everyone knows what is needed (in the case of weight loss-diet and exercise) but too often do not want to do what it takes to be successful.

If you want to succeed in any business let me recommend the following:

1. Have a friend or partner that can help you with your strengths and weaknesses.
2. If you need help join a group or have a reliable and accessible coach.
3. Have a good marketing plan.
4. Learn what you need to measure to track your progress.
5. Do not procrastinate-even little steps are fine.
6. Read quality business and marketing blogs, books etc
7. Start with something you know.
8. Offer your customers real value!

I hope this helps.