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I have an email account I use to sign up for money making programs. I have not attended to it in several weeks because my day job is keeping me busy. When I looked at my inbox I have over 3,800 emails.

I began to wonder through my fine collection of "must-have", 'incredible wealth", "Christmas special" offers. It was funny. All these squawking internet marketers trying to sell the next hot item on the internet. It was particular entertaining to see multiple marketers selling the same product with their own little twist added.

Some has a good and fair offer others were just same 'ol online scam games. Here is my Christmas list of programs on a good list and what puts them on the bad list

Good list:
1. No long video presentation or sales pitch page that repeats it's sales points 3-7 times
2. Clear explanation of who was offering what. Good detail, easy to research.
3. Clear terms and conditions
4. Sample offering to understand what is in the program
5. Honest-- the pitch is born out by independent reviews and users

Bad List
1. Long presentation, hype upon hype, promise upon promise..."others lie but I don't" babble and so on ans so on.
2. Very little substantive detail available on which to make a sound decision. Any offer that basically says, "send me your money and trust me I will return it if you don't like it"
3. Half truth money story. They show $8000 in one day which may be true but that shows the revenue from all affiliates that day or week. They also show revenue based on their mature, well established business with many affiliates and many list subscribers. Not disclosing that is dishonest!
4. Dishonest--or looks dishonest. Listened to a pitch for Affiliate Silver Bullet where "Dustin" tells you he spent big bucks and late nights developing the program...then I find articles indicating 2 other people did the work. Who knows? Someone is lying.
5. Say stupid things in a presentation like: "I could get in real trouble for sharing these secrets" [oh really? by who..your Mom?]; or,"I am about to show you
something no one else has the courage to show you". [really?..truth is there are probably dozens of other IMers saying the same thing...well at least they can read a script]
Final note thank you for the "thank-you" emails we receive.