Review and Comments on Profit Hacks

Three days ago I got an email inviting me to be one of a select group of students for this "never seen before" (or something like that) program. Now 3 days later and after a lot of research I say, baloney!

For sure very successful folks but so many " gurus"...just band together to spin out a must have, super-duper, super-secret training method/formula or system.
Some catch phrases I heard in the presentation that, in my opinion, made me scream, baloney!
1. I am going to get in trouble revealing this stuff
2. It's been a "secret" up to now.
3. This is private, this is exclusive. [makes you want to 'belong' doesn't it?]
4. A series of stupid statements along the lines of: 'this is not for you if you do not want to be rich/successful/wealthy.. blah blah
5. I/ we invented/created this...like Al Gore created the internet. Baloney! Might as well say they invented the recipe for a good cake.
6.No one else...NO ONE..has shown this before...ever!
7.My super red flag...the presentation is a whole lot of talk (goes on for over an hour) and nothing to show for it. What is shown...at best...rehashed stuff in a new cover.

Well you get the idea.So I researched several keywords from the videos and everything is available somewhere else free or for significantly less. By the way nearly $1500 is ridiculous I think.

If you research these things long enough you see a "life-cycle" of these coaching products. It goes something like this:
Phase I-- a new product launch (like Profit Hacks) that will never come again after a certain date. The presentation I saw said November 15, 2012...Profit Hacks closes and those who snoozed loose...or maybe did not waste their money.
Phase II--It gets rebranded and packaged a lower price point
Phase III--it shows up as a bonus in some other shysters Phase I
Phase IV--a give away to grow their marketing list.

So my advise is to hold onto to your money...you can find this now or soon will get it for a lot less in phase 2 thru 4. You are better off building relationships with other IM folks near you and learning together. Yes you can hear some interesting stuff from guys like this....but I think its high on hype and low on value. That's my opinion but when you have seen as much of this as I have its the truth. IMHO. So Profit Hacks is a pass for me and as a bible verse says: "old wine in a new wine skin."
I hope this helps you.