Hearthstone Stoves [pt2]

Just a quick update. Scott has concluded the stove has a problem....nothing he has done has fixed the stove's poor performance. Kudos to Scott.

Now a week or so after that announcement we have not heard from JR Bolton about when we can expect to have the unit replaced. We have a call into them but so far no answer. Hmmm???

Here is an example of how many retailers miss an opportunity to wow a customer and have a raving fan. Understanding that a customer has been putting up with a bad product and all the inconvenience that comes along with the efforts to get it to work, they should step up and go out of their way to make a bad situation a good customer experience.  At a minimum a conscientious retailer would have called to communicate they are going to make things right....so far not the case.

No follow up from Hearthstone.

I'll keep you posted.