Nugenix and other such stuff

I was checking the weather on when I saw an ad for Nugenix. This market place is fraught with bogus products and rip off sales campaigns so I thought I'd check it out. Sure flags all over the place. The purpose of this post is to show another example of how it pays to do your research. One of my favorite places to start looking into a product is This product is a great example of that. Looking at the product's sales page it looks like a good product. As of this writing the product has 36 1-star reviews and only 7 5-star reviews--serious red flag. a very different picture than the one the ad copy folks are trying to create. Perfect example of buyer BETTER beware. The other thing you learn is that there are issues with unauthorized credit card charges---that is a huge red flag as well. There are other great places to get objective feedback on a product before you buy it. Amazon is just one. Do yourself a big favor never buy anything online or on TV until you have done some due diligence. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. In my other posts I share some other things you can do to keep yourself from getting ripped off online.