Listbuilding and more

Over the last few days I have been looking at several online sales pages also known as squeeze pages. These pages are usually one (very long) page with all kinds of sales hype. I have developed this safe shopping formula to help avoid garbage.
The greater the bull the bigger the fool

This is what I mean. The more hyped up claims, bold statements (without one word of support),and ego challenging come-ons you see on a page the greater the likelihood they are looking for a fool. Don't let that be you. You will save yourself thousands of dollars if you guard your mind from falling into these big money come-ons.

Here are some examples:

1. Our most successful member will choose this option
"Really? Oh jeez I better jump on this even though I can't verify what you're saying". I want to be part of the "success" group. Nonsense for all you know the only members he has are his dog and cat. It is not relevant to you what others are or are not doing. What is important to you is does this person offer a good product that you can use to your satisfaction?
2. And I’ve convinced these marketers (the same people I learned from) to reveal their top success strategies, secrets, and tricks for you each month, helping you to generate more money – FASTER! This is the kind of insider info they’re not revealing anywhere else!
You have got to be kidding! Do you mean to tell me that you are the ONLY one....wow. You convinced them....really? how? No convincing here other than offering to sell his folks what they are selling their folks....but hey he did say this was "secret" so maybe they are marketing good Samaritans. Not.
This is clearly hyped up none sense. No where on the page does the marketer ever give the reader a solid description of what they are buying. You should also know that very often its not the content or "secrets" that has made them money but the marketing list they have. A list that takes time to build. More on this later.
3. WARNING! Making Money Online Just Got Push Button Simple…
Warning? what's wrong? these nothing-to-it come-ons are the worst of the bunch. Anyone in Internet marketing will tell you it takes effort, you have to attract customers, you have to write good sales copy, offer a good product and provide good content and the list goes on. When you see something like this just know you are being treated like a fool and they expect the reader not to think but just react.
4. I don’t want you to buy something from me… that’s not what this is about…[variants of this are "it's free", "no charge", "giving this away"

Wow great!....but then over 5000 words later they are still going on and on about how wonderful they are and how they just want to help you. If they're giving this away or as was quoted above, "I don't want you to buy...", then why are they trying so hard to SELL you something?
5. ...it’s just “too good to be true
When a marketer tries to use this to make a reader think that it's NOT too good to be true then it probably IS too good to be true and you are going to gt ripped off.
6. YES, JEFF! SIGN ME UP! Please send me the XXXXX training, and grant me immediate access to the XXXXX List Building System for 30 Days FREE. (I'll be billed a simple low $47/month after that if I decide to stay on - no pressure!)
Well when I searched the page there was a privacy policy link and and terms of use link but no documentation about cancellation etc. So you are asked to give your credit card number to buy a program- the exact contents of which you don't know-under terms and conditions that are not disclosed. Does that sound like a good idea? No!
7. This will change your life
One sales letter went on for over 6000 words talking about who he was, his poor beginnings, how he helped his father and brothers and then throw in some testimonials and some money shots. Oh don't forget the big house and expensive car shots...dang almost missed that. Anyway there is nothing on this page that could come close to being "life changing". So clearly this is hype. Another rule of thumb...."hype is directly proportional to the probability of waste". The more hype and filler wording you read the greater the chance that you will be buying fluff.

I hope this helps. There are good opportunities out there and a ton of garbage so be careful.