Internet marketing "universities" and schools

Over the last few days I have received some very interesting sales emails from various guru courses, schools and universities and I am surprised at some of the tactics they use:
1. the oft over used make millions
2. no work needed, do everything you need in an hour
3. we teach you EVERYTHING
4. we teach you SECRETS

And, the list goes on and on. The purpose of this post is to remind my reader that though some of these courses may be of value you must be careful in your selection process. Any course, program or school promoter should be available for questions. If they are not just imagine your frustration level after watching a video and you have questions. Forums can help but anyone who has been through any legitimate school program knows that sometimes you need to talk through a question or problem. Further, not all forums have an atmosphere or disposition that is conducive to question resolution. Especially if the seasoned members think you are asking a dumb question.

Before you sign up for a course make sure you have a good understanding of what they are going to give you. There are hundreds of people on the Internet selling rehashed, easy to find information as "SECRETS". Before paying big bucks for a program or school consider a membership site. You can get a lot of information fast and you will get a feel for the value of the school you are considering.It would not surprise me if some members could give you feedback and insights into the program you are considering. While on the topic of members and forums, I think you will find that the membership is much more accommodating and, for the lack of a better word, tolerant of new marketer questions and issues.

I hope this helps you work through what programs and courses you will select as you develop your online business.