Kinda wrong

I had to post this. In my last post I wrote, "I am fairly certain that there is not one sales page out there that will tell you to not buy the product unless you have so much experience." Now that is true of the programs I have reviewed. This morning I was checking emails and I got a link to a program Ed Dale is launching. As I read through his pitch page here is what I found:
...Getting serious for a second — if you have never done anything online and you're just starting out, DON'T SIGN UP — the Immediate Edge is not for you. Go take the Thirty Day Challenge. You'll have no risk, it won't cost you a cent and it's a proven system that has gotten thousands of people started on the path to replacing their day job with a real live Internet Business.

So I was wrong there are some marketers that are real teachers as well. Some may try to use this type of language as some kind of reverse psychology on prospects with the end goal to prod them on to buy. But I think this is genuine. I don't think that is the case here. Ed's 30 day challenge is a great program for anyone getting is free and the only income I think Ed's team makes is if some of the students buy products he endorses in the course. OK, by me if they work!

So kudos to Ed.

....still think the page is too long :)