Auto Profit Launcher

Well I have been looking at this program for awhile and I have received at least a dozen emails from other marketers telling me they have the best offer and exclusive bonuses. I can't believe they may think that we, the consumer, do not get multiple offers. I have seen almost duplicate bonus offers from 3 or 4 of them.

Now I have not purchased the product--I do not think its a good value. In its simplest form its a tool that helps people make websites. No big deal there. There are dozens of tools like this that cost a fraction of the price. Most of the "review" pages I found were not honest straight forward reviews--every review page I saw was really nothing more than a sales page. In other words, almost useless to someone trying to do some due diligence.

So what red flags do I see?

1. Hypee pitch on the cost and complication of making a website.
2. Complicating the idea of selling other products--there are several programs teaching people how to make small fortunes using really simple techniques with clickbank and other such sites.
3. Like just about 99% of these get rich Internet marketing courses the success only comes if you can get traffic to your site. On this point the pitch claims to give you techniques to do that....ok...but keep in mind most of these techniques you can find online for free.
4.Other needed items like hosting and auto responders etc are not included and you will have to deal with those issues. The pitch makes it sound like you have to pay someone to help you. Not true. Many have great support staffs and they are happy to help you.
5. Pitch claims it CAN cost you $10,000 to get started. I guess that is true if you are not doing your homework. I don't think that is an honest sales pitch. Look in your area and I bet you can find an Internet marketing group and you will quickly learn that the cost to start an Internet business is considerably less than the $10,000 scare number they use.
6. For a product that is supposed to be very easy to use I was disappointed that they did not give any demos or a complete list of what you're getting. Like so many squeeze pages a lot of verbiage and little substance. Look at what the auto profit launcher web site shows you compared to the level of detail shown on the Intuit site I mentioned above. See what I mean?

Lastly, you have to fork over nearly $500 to see what you are buying. When was the last time you went to a store blind folded, paid for a product and did not know what you bought until you got home?...Enough said!

What are your alternatives?

SERIF and Net Objects (to name 2) sell web creation programs at a fraction of the cost...I know some marketers still using Microsoft FrontPage. Web Expressions Microsoft's latest web editor costs $149. to illustrate this I found this presentation in about a minute and unlike auto profit launcher you can get help on the phone. Google "website builder software" and look at the other google search will have no trouble finding cost effective options.

There are dozens of beginner Internet marketing courses that cost no more than $27-$67. These program give you step by step instructions on how to find products,set up affiliate relationships, how to market those products and how to drive traffic to your site.

If you are getting started you will probably pick a product or subject matter that you know well and are passionate about it. That will get you a long way writing compelling copy. But let's say you are not a good writer what can you do?

1. Practice
2. Read other sites
3. Ask for help at your library, community college or even at church or clubs you may belong to.

So auto profit launcher may help people who have absolutely no experience online or those who do not know where to find information; but, I think this program's convenience comes at an expensive price. One other thought as you are doing your research on auto profit launcher. I know of no successful Internet business owners that have not learned how the technology works behind an online business. Dummied down point and click tools like auto profit launcher are not going to get you to the level of success you probably are aspiring to. You will only get there when you start and learn as you go. A working knowledge of the technology will help you create tactics, products and marketing ideas. Don't be overwhelmed just take it one step at a time. But most importantly you will not be a sucker for slick pitches and promises of ease or fast money.

To be successful online you have to learn how to drive traffic to your website...that is the holy grail of success. There are plenty of tools and gadgets to help you build sites, find products and even teach you to get visitors to your site....but there is not a short cut to doing the work and executing a sound business plan.

If you need more information on how to build your own auto profit launcher like tool drop me an email and I will send you some resources.

I hope this helps you if you are researching this product.