Mike Filsaime et al. What to look for in an internet marketing course

Hey folks I am trying out an offer from Mike Filsaime. Clearly this is a guy that has made a lot of money selling information products. I don't know if he has businesses that sell consumer products or if he is just selling courses to teach people how to sell his courses online.

When I entered the site Mike greets you with a very clear and concise video on how to cancel. Some may question this but thinking people who don't like to waste time will be grateful for his direct and candid approach. The trial offer is very limited IMHO. So far I have not come across anything that makes you say, "wow!, that's new".

Much of the material is rehashed (maybe too strong a word) from calls or seminars and there are some good FYI nuggets in there if you are patient to listen all the way through. One thing you will notice is Mike is always selling--kudos to Mike that is why he is so wealthy. He has upgrades, new courses and even in the forum they are linking you to other programs they are promoting. Personally I did not like that. But you can't fault a salesman for selling.

If the purpose of the trial is to show you the benefit of his program then so far its not cutting the mustard. In several sections I get a message I'm not allowed to view that content. It would have been helpful if trial users could get a feel for all the various content sections.

I have more to look at and I will keep you posted. At this point, unless I see something in the newsletter or new information online, I am reporting that this is not a value at $97 or maybe even $47 per month. I'll let you know.

This afternoon I signed up for Eben Pagan webinar on 10 online businesses you can start NOW. When you sign up for these offers you know the sale is coming--that's fine. What I will be looking for, and reporting back back to you on, is whether or not he provided any actionable value other than to buy his course. Like dozens of other marketers he too wants to charge you $97 per month to learn what he has to offer.

For those of you who have been reading this blog or have seen my articles elsewhere I am a customer advocate. When customer experience is done right it's ALWAYS a win-win situation. What I don't like to see is marketers that are really snake oil salesman. I think in the area fo internet marketing 'How-to' courses you have to be careful. There are some great mentors out there that have their heart in the right place and there are others that are all about making the money at any cost. Those folks need to be exposed and avoided.

Here is what I think you should be looking for before buying into any course or subscription service:

1. Does the material meet my needs for where I am today? In other words we all start businesses with different skill sets and abilities. My wife bought a course that did not have one new idea in it BUT it was valuable to her because it was written in a very clear and thorough manner that helped her understand the concepts and was delivered without a bunch of hyperbole or Internet marketing jargon. So the lesson is make sure the program is going to teach you in a way that lets you learn and put it into practice. It does you no good if a very successful marketer talks over your head.

2. Does the program give you the tools to grow? No one wants to be a newbie for long. We all want to move on and run profitable business. If you select someone to teach you make sure they are in it to do just that. They are entitled to make a buck but they need to make a honest buck providing real value. So many snake oil salesman out there made some cash selling some program or scam online and then declared themselves to be a teacher. Rubbish...they made up a recording and wrote some notes and then claim that if you buy their course you too will make millions. They could no more teach than fly to the moon. Take the time to look at what they offer and ask yourself if the program is more about making them money or teaching you how to succeed?

3. Ezine articles tries to make sure that authors don't submit articles that are nothing more than warmed over thoughts and ideas from someone else. You should make sure of the same when you pick a course. Are you seeing creative, well thought out plans and ideas? Or, are you seeing the same 'ol stuff you have seen all over the Internet. Like I mentioned above its ok to offer the basics just so long as the marketer does not over hype and delivers values to the students. A rehash of some phone call does not meet that standard.

4. Lastly, do you have access to people that can answer questions? This is not a trouble ticket system. This means does the marketer or someone on staff make themselves available to answer questions. Many try to offer help by offering a forum. Not the something. Forums are great but they cannot replace that personal interaction when you hit an obstacle. One last word on one can be at the beckon call all the time so don't expect it--that's unreasonable. What you should expect is that the program has a protocol for getting you one-on-one help. It could be a monthly call with two-way interaction, chat or some interactive media. But a course that just offers some articles and video and says, "Good luck" should not be a serious consideration for your hard earned money.

Hope this helps.