Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantees are an interesting marketing concept. Depending what you buy they can be life savers or they can be lures to get you to buy. This week we learned of a purchase gone bad involving a product with the following line in the guarantee:

If the audio CD set fails to live up to your expectations, send it back in resalable condition, and we'll refund 100% of what you paid for it.

At face value it sounds fine. The practical application was more problematic. What happened was a denial of the refund because the returned package was not in "resalable" condition. OK, I did not see how they returned it. But I know them so I am inclined to believe they did a good job. But setting that aside for a moment, the key take a way here is to be careful about guarantees that have qualifiers. If you check the established scam sites you will find dozens of examples of shoppers getting refund rejections because the seller interpreted a word or phrase in the guarantee to their distinct advantage.

If you are buying from a company you know well and have done business with before you will probably do all right. If you are responding to a sales pitch from an Internet marketer that (a) you don't know or (b) you do not have any objective feedback on their credibility; then, its wise to not count on a qualified guarantee. I much prefer a more honest and direct approach when buying an intellectual product like a book or report. No refund after so many days so they have enough time to make sure it arrived in good shape. It is too easy for consumers to be dishonest and buy a book...copy or read it and then return it. Sellers are entitled to protect themselves from such abuse. Nevertheless books can be damaged, CDs scratched etc and sellers ought to replace those as soon as the damage is noticed.

Guarantees can be a slippery slope and the best protection is buy from reputable folks and do your due diligence first.

I hope this helps.