Bank Security Info and Unemployment Tips

I learned today that Bank of America has several anti-fraud features. Though I am not a big customer I found today that they are doing pretty good job giving their customers tools to shop safe and protect their accounts.

On a different note....unemployment. I am hearing about several companies selling job search features to people and flat out ripping them off. If you have been looking for work and had very little success let me suggest the following before you pay someone to help you.

Job Help Tips
1. Find support groups. Look online for your area, check churches-they sponsor a lot. You can also find groups focusing on your area of work. Such as marketing, engineering etc.
2. Speak to recruiters that are paid by employers. They are always looking new candidates but more importantly they can give you excellent insight into what is going on in the job field you are searching in.
3. If you think you want to use a pay for service recruiter then take the time to interview several and ask for referrals that they think are similar to your situation. To interview a person in a high demand field will be of little value to you if yo are in a crowded market space like IT.
4. Build your network group by seeking as many meetings as you can.
5. Be aggressive marketing yourself. Employers today care more about what you will do for them as opposed to what you did in the past. Work on branding yourself and write articles to publish online that can set you apart from the pack.

I hope this helps