You can sing the blues believing the "news"

This week I found 6 products using "news" pages to make their products look legitimate. How can you tell? Take a closer look at the content and the disclaimers. On one site none of the other navigation links worked. When I went to the home page it simply said "Hola". On other pages 90% of the content was selling a single product.

What should you do?
1. Always do a thorough search on a product you are thinking of buying. Google the product name plus the word "scam" or "review"
2. Take the time to search sites for any disclaimers.
3. Check the about us section. Legitimate news feeds will give you their background.
4. Some sites are not news sites but informational sites that also sell product. In some of these cases you can find useful information in others its just sales copy. Again do your home work so you know what you're getting into.