More Google Cash Type Scam

This is an old scam that seems to reappear every so often under a different names. The pitch is simple: learn how to make several hundred dollars per day with Google.

The pitch never provides any substantive detail. No how-tos or detail about what the customer has to do. You the reader are asked simply to spend $1.97 to learn the secrets that will make you rich!!....but that is NOT the whole truth.

The site says you get:

Fortune Kit (What is in it? What is required to be successful?)
Online Tutorial (This is not details about what you get.)
Unlimited Customer Support (woooohooo! what ever this means?)
Processing & Shipping Fee... for $.99 Wow what a deal....not if you don't read the small print.

Here is an excerpt from the terms of condition page:
"By submitting an order, You automatically receive a 5-day trial to the Google Start up Kit. Your 5-day trial begins immediately upon placing your order. You will be billed $0.99 up to$1.97 at the time of order submission. Once Your trial is active you have 5-days to decide whether to accept Your Subscription. Prior to the expiration of the 5-day trial period, You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-800-440-4397. Should You fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 5-day trial You will be billed $84.84 at the completion of the 5-day trial and $35.47 every month thereafter for continued services and hosting of your internet web tools software unless canceled by You."

The sad story here are the number of people who try to call, who try to cancel, and run into some problem or another that hinders getting the cancellation done in time. The result is they get their credit card hit with outrageous monthly fees. The squeeze pages may mention Google Starter Kit, Google Cash System or the latest I have seen, the Google House Profit. Get the facts!

As we recommend in our ebook,take some time to do some due diligence. Do not buy into the marketing hype, get the facts and do not get scammed. There is much about this program that is not revealed to you until you have given your credit card number and are in the system. We suggest that you do not put yourself into this position.