Twitter Cash Kit aka Easy Twitter Profits

Twitter Cash Kit is an old scam in a new skin. The pitch is the pay a small shipping and handling fee to get "free access" and that also starts your seven (7) day trial period. If you do not cancel appropriately your credit card is charged $47 or more. I found two names associated with this program: Prosper University and Mary Steadman. I share the names here so you can do your own research but the feedback I found was not good.

I looked at several Twitter Cash Kit and Easy Twitter Profit pages and they all had the remarkable earnings stories (READ THE DISCLAIMER BEFORE YOU GET TOO EXCITED) and then a dozen or more testimonials extolling the merits of this program. Word to the wise here....tread carefully and take everything you read on a testimonial page with a grain of salt.

There are several red flags on these pages that should alert you to stay away. Do your due diligence and think twice before joining programs like this that bill you monthly. At a minimum make sure you use a safe shopping credit card for online purchases.

If you decide to try it and learn its a rip-off, please take note of the name of the marketer that promoted it and post your results on sites like and rip off report so others can be alerted to the marketers behavior.

Update: One of the pages promoting this questionable program was made to look like a newspaper article. It said: "City CHRONICLE Serving the area. Balanced news. Breakings news. The ONLY news." This`is not a real newspaper...its a fake!...that alone should tell you to stay away.