Who cares just buy this

Today I received an email in one of my network groups telling me about an absolutely marvelous opportunity. His email said that this opportunity was,"...great, it was a real money maker, he made ten gazillion dollars in a month..."

Had he read my scam ebook he would have known that all he accomplished was to send an email with examples of scam red flags. The link "howimakeinternetmoney" was a rehashed version of a program that claims to tell you how to make tens of thousands of dollars off of Google and all you have to do is pay $1.95. It has several names, the last one I saw was called "Google Cash". To make a long story short, do the research and you will discover it is a program you should avoid. As one posts said you don't make any money online you make money trying to get someone else to buy into the program.

I posted this because it is a perfect example of how online marketers pay lip service to customer experience (how are you the consumer going to fare in this deal?)and are really focused on making money by hook or by crook.