Never too big to help

It seems that we are back where we started from and find ourselves dealing with politics as usual. No change that makes any sense for the good of the country, no change in politics as usual...but I am hopeful. I hope that as we focus on whats important we'll move forward and be a better people, a better country.

The following is a story that I think is very pertinent today and a lesson for our elected officials-the corporal in the story.

A group of colonial soldiers were repairing a section of a defensive position during the American War of Independence. The leader of the group was barking orders and strutting across the battlements with some air of authority and a very distinct sense of self importance. A man, wearing civilian clothes, rode past the soldiers. He took notice of the leader shouting instructions but doing nothing to help the others. He asked the leader why he was not helping with the work that needed to get done. The leader pushed out his chest, set his chin high and replied with great fanfare, “Sir, I am a corporal!”. The rider, acknowledging the corporal, stepped down from his horse, asked what he could do to help and began to help the visibly exhausted soldiers.
When the job was done the stranger got back on his horse and remarked to the corporal, “May I suggest that next time you have a job like this and not enough men to do it that you go to your commander and get more help. If he cannot find more men I will come and help you.” The corporal responded, “…and who shall I say ask for?” The stranger, as he rode away, answered over his shoulder, “ George Washington”.