Cell Phone Cash System

This is a brief note on the Cell Phone Cash System. I am just looking into this but one thing that I noticed that consumers need to know about is that the marketing is not giving prospective buyers the full scoop. Anyone buying this program and planing to use it to sell products needs to give careful consideration to the associated marketing costs. Unlike some other marketing strategies that are free this is more akin to email marketing where a marketer has to purchase lists of cell phone numbers that have opted in to get ads. One writer said,"In just 12hrs of starting with CellPhoneCash I was able to earn $22.10, not a million but it definitely shows the great potential this program has." That's fine but I'd like to know how much he spent so get that.

Another page said, "There are over 4.3 Billion cell phone users worldwide and
if you know the right techniques you can plug into this
untapped market with incredible ease." What is the inference here? Yeah...YOU can tap into 4.3 billion cell phone users. That is not true. Google unsolicited cell phone ads and read up on cell phone spam. As of this writing I could not find stats on how many cell phones have opted-in to receive ads. But, it is certainly NOT all 4.3 billion cellphone users. So why use that number if not to hype and mislead?

Of course, you can always begin to build your own cell phone marketing list. So count the cost: system cost ($25/mo)+ marketing costs+ your typically online operating costs.

The other thing to be aware of is that anyone can sign up to be an affiliate...so be aware that someone selling the program (rather than use it to sell product) may not have used it at all so do your due diligence and take the financial pitch with a grain of salt.