LGN Revolution

I received this well done email that, like so many others, touted this amazing program that will help me make tens of thousands of dollars each month. Oh, the hype was wonderful...the sky is the limit. Well I started to do some due diligence and found out that it was no great shakes--though I'm sure the guy that started it is doing well. As with so many of these programs the problem is not in what they tell you upfront but rather what they don't tell until after you have bought in.

I found this one article over on Ezines that did a good job of pulling back the curtain for a prospective customer. http://ezinearticles.com/?LGN-Revolution---Little-Guy-Network---Scam-Or-Legitimate-Business?&id=1622500

Now you have to be careful with Ezine articles many of them are nothing more than extensions of the sales page but if you look around you will find articles from people trying to help. I referenced this article because it does just that.(NOTE: I don't know anything about the guy that wrote it so don't take this as some endorsement)

A few highlights:
1. Whereas the LGN Revolution sales pitch makes it sound like you don't have to do anything we learn from this insider that you do in fact have to work and you are only going to make money if you know how to run an internet business.
2. We learn that there are undisclosed costs that can amount to several hundred dollars. So if you were considering joining this program you will have to count the cost that you will be in the red starting out and every month going forward until you make a sale.
3. When the writer said, "The best income seems to be in selling the business opportunity." That, in my opinion, is a huge red flag. It makes the program a little bit better than a ponzi scheme. The products are of modest value and you are really looking to talk someone else into the program so they can pay you. The day these programs are run out of town the better off we all will be.
4. The "no cold calling" pitch is attractive to a lot of people looking to make some additional dollars. What many people do not realize is that it does take a lot of time and work to get prospective customers to come to your website and buy your product and so each month that goes by with no buyers you have to keep making monthly payments to LGN Revolution.

In my search I found several "review' sites which were nothing more than extended sales pages.

On one site the marketer tells you that he is tired of all the "hype" and wants to give the view the full story so they can make an informed position. From that point forward its a selected telling of what is needed for someone to be successful. This is always a be careful and count the cost signal.

Digging further you will learn that all the "resources" are primarily private label rights books and software (available elsewhere for less and in some cases for free) and at the higher level travel vouchers-also available elsewhere. I guess if you had no idea of what else is available to you this might be an interesting starting point. But its important to understand that you are primarily going to be in the business of recruiting others to ante in. Noteworthy is the fact that of all marketing sites reviewed for this program only one made any mention of the income opportunity from selling the products in the program.

Compare this to a program like the thirty day challenge where the students get all the training and set up for less than $50.