Oh Really?

I found this intersting...funny really. Now as many of you know the most successful internet marketers got to the top of their game by developing very large and very profitable marketing lists. Many IMers boast lists in the tens of thousands or more. I got this email from

I only sent this email to you and a few
other people. I don't want everyone
finding out about this special offer
so please keep the promo code to
yourself :)

"Wow we must be buddies...real pals!"

Truth is you know thousands of people got this! But I guess when the copy says only a few that is supposed to make the reader giggle with glee about being chosen to be apart of a select group.

"...oh man I better buy right now, yeah!"

Hey folks don't use this patronizing copy in your emails or marketing. You will find people respond better to honest, straight forward value presentations.